Intelligent Automation

RPA, OCR, ML and NLP technologies together form ‘intelligent automation’ and contribute in making business operations agile, error-free and cost effective. Intelligent automation isn’t just about implementing a few tools but also requires domain knowledge, expert handling of people issues and process excellence. We leverage our domain knowledge, change management skills and expertise in RPA and other tools to help organizations implement intelligent automation. We have helped many of our valued clients in deploying intelligent automation to transform industry-specific as well as common back-office processes like these,

  • Customercare email handling
  • Bank transaction reconciliation
  • Daily Production plan preparation 
  • Tax computation and filing
  • Invoice processing
  • Debtor analysis and reporting
  • New business data processing

Case Studies

A leading private insurer

The insurer used RPA to efficiently process new business data for motor insurance.

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A leading air conditioning manufacturer

RPA helped the company improve debt collection by efficiently tracking outstanding balances of debtors

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What We Do

Feasibility of RPA implementation

We can help you assess feasibility of deploying RPA for specific processes considering constraints, cost and benefit of the initiative.

Computation of ROI and prioritization

Help you compute Return on Investment (RoI) on RPA initiative and help prioritize processes for RPA-enablement

Implementation of tools and technologies RPA/OCR/NLP

Assist in implementing leading RPA tools along with surround technologies like OCR, ML and NLP

Change Management for RPA

When RPA tool is implemented, it changes the roles of organization’s human resources. We can help you plan the migration of this change.

Process improvement

RPA does not mean just tech-enabling the current process. It is also an opportunity to take a fresh look at the process to improvise it. We can help you improve your processes before or after implementing RPA

RPA effectiveness assessment

If you have already implemented RPA, we can help you assess its effectiveness in realizing your envisaged business benefits.


OCR technologies

We have capabilities in implementing Abbyy, UiPath Document Understanding and IQ-Bot for simple, template based and intelligent document reading

AI / ML / NLP that supports process automation

We have skills in technologies like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing without which, it is not possible to implement a truly intelligent automation.

RPA tools

Our teams have experience in implementing Automation Anywhere and UiPath, two of the world’s leading RPA solutions.

Works with all systems (ERP, etc)

The RPA tools we implement are capable of operating any IT systems – MS Office, PDF, Legacy systems, ERP or custom-developed web based systems