Applications of Analytics/ Big Data

In 21st century, all the new age technologies such as IoT, smart devices etc. generates gazillions of data daily. While advances made in technology has helped us in generating these data however analyzing this data can help us in discovering hidden trends and patterns. Big Data and Analytics can help us in finding the underlying trends, processing behemoths of data and storing them in a manageable way. We leverage our analytical tools and technological understanding in helping the client uncover these trends and design them intelligent customized solutions.

  • Fraud Detection & Handling: Banking and Finance sector is leveraging Big Data to predict and prevent cyber-crime, card fraud detection etc. which helps them handling issues more easily. It can analyze past data to find the trends of Brute force attack on bank systems and help cyber experts in designing systems which are more resilient to such attacks.
  • Targeted Advertisements: Big Data Analytics is helping tech giants such as Google and Facebook in running personalized targeted ad campaigns. As they keep track of each move and analyze them using Big Data analysis techniques, they can run more personalized ads.
  • Manufacturing Industry: In manufacturing industries, several devices are continuously capturing variety of data points on a regular interval. Analyzing them can help industries in optimizing there manufacturing process resulting in increased output.
  • Weather forecasting: Weather sensors and satellites deployed all around the globe capture weather data such as temperature, humidity etc. regularly. This data points can be used in forecasting weather patterns, analyze global warming, understanding patterns of natural disasters.

Case Studies

A leading AMC in India

The AMC leveraged enterprise data across business systems to deploy a business dashboard for leadership team to improve visibility of their business

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What We Do

Big Data implementation

We can help you in feasibility check, implementing Big Data technology customized as per your use case and defining business problem in clear and concise way.

Dashboards / BI

Assist in creating Dashboards and customized business reports on a single click.


Help you in articulating you story in a beautiful way rather than plain boring numbers.


Data quality / Data review / Data design

Help you in architecting solution and key metrices to do the data quality check.

Data Lake

Helps client in making Data Lake to keep track of organizational data and act as a centralized repository of data.



Big Data Tools

We have capabilities in implementing SAS, Spark and Hadoop which are the most prominent Big Data tools used across Industries.

Cloud Tools

We have capabilities in running Big Data tools and technologies on cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS.


Visualization Tools

Our team have capabilities ranging from Tableau, Power BI etc. to create dashboards and visualization of the numbers.