Applications of Cloud-based technologies  

Just as electricity is available on tap, IT infrastructure and computing services are now available on-tap. It means that to host applications, store large data or run ML models, organizations do not need to architect, own, install and maintain their own servers or hardware. They can use the on-tap services of cloud-based IT infrastructure and computing services. Similarly, software providers can host their software solutions on cloud and offer them as Saas (Software as a Service). We help companies move their IT applications and data on cloud and build intelligent systems on the cloud.

  • Offer software solution on cloud – IT companies offering software solutions can host their solutions on the cloud and offer them as a service. IT companies can thus offer their solutions without their clients having to procure hardware on their premise, host and maintain their solutions
  • Use cloud-based IT infra for hosting IT systems – Organizations can move their IT applications and data to the cloud by availing power, servers, computing, storage and databases on need basis from a cloud provider. This offers big benefits like being able to ramp up or ramp down, pay only when needed and deploying IT at rapid speed.

Case Studies

A leading Manufacturer in India

The Manufacturer deployed Disaster Recovery Infrastructure of important enterprise applications like SAP and CRM on cloud to improve manageability, save costs and ensure better availability

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A B2B solution for Legal Cases Search Engine

The search engine solution that offers ability to search for court judgments is hosted on AWS to enable large reach, better uptimes, easier manageability and optimal costs.

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What We Do

Cloud Consulting

Assist clients in articulating a strategy for leveraging cloud computing and help device a plan for migration to cloud.

Migration to cloud

We assist clients in migrating of Applications and enterprise data to cloud.

Build AI and ML models on cloud

Help clients in building AI and ML models for building intelligent enterprise using the development platforms, computing power and data on the cloud.


Cloud technologies on Azure, AWS and Google Cloud
Development platforms like TesnureFlow, Keras and PyTorch