Applications of GIS

Due to digitization, business data is exploding and locational intelligence is an important addition to this phenomenon. Be it customer location, asset positions, weather conditions or disease spread, longitude and latitude or Pin Codes are important data points to analyze business and plan strategies. We help clients leverage this locational dimension using Geographical Information Systems (GIS). We help our clients map their business data like customers, offices, factories, warehouses, distributors, ATMs and general data like weather, disease, population demographics to visualize, analyze and plan their businesses better.

  • Smarter Sales & Marketing using GIS
  • Insurance Risk Management (GIS)
  • Network Operations and Maintenance (GIS)
  • Health management using GIS

Case Studies

Forecasting business volumes in Covid scenario

Amidst a partial lockdown due to Coronavirus, how can a manufacturer resume business and estimate its revenues? We helped a white goods manufacturer leverage GIS for forecasting business volumes in the wake of Covid-19 led lockdowns across India. The Covid disease zones were marked as Green, Red and Orange on the districts of India along with the usual business volumes of their distributors and sales offices. By filtering district zones in color codes, the client was able to visualize geographies, distributors and sales offices from where it could potentially resume business over time. Further by forecasting disease spread and building scenarios, the client was able to estimate sales for the year for the best and the worst case scenario. This helped client plan its factory production, supply chain and working capital

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What We Do

Implementation of leading GIS tool

Help you in implementing GIS tools which involves harmonization of locational data, sourcing external data, building visualization and analytics.

Assist in sourcing relevant external data for GIS

GIS systems often require sourcing external data (e.g. demographic, weather). We can help you source such data to build multi-dimensional GIS system.

Harmonization of internal locational data

Often, internal data related to location (e.g. GIS tagging, asset tagging) is scattered across various systems in an organization. We can help you collate these and build an insightful geographical analytics.

Building dashboards, analytics and decision support systems using GIS

GIS begins with visualization but can be extended to build user-wise dashboards, dimensional analytics and decision support systems. We can ehlp you build GIS assets for improved insights and decision making.


GIS Tool from market leader

We have teams skilled in implementing world’s leading GIS solutions like ESRI.

Data Management systems

We have capabilities in handling different data sources and DBMS which are critical in collating geographical data to deploy GIS solutions.